Writing At First

Python has a GIL so it can only use one core per process. So using multiprocessing can use more cores.

About Python multiprocessing API

What I use is :

multiprocessing.Process(target = targetfunc, args = args)

It's to create a new object that contains a process .
target is to input a function that function need to be run on the process.
args is to input the parameters

This class has a start() function that can make this process start to run.

Also it has a name parameter to get its name. And pid parameter to get its pid.

multiprocessing.cpu_count() can get how many CPUs in your computer.

multiprocessing.active_children() can get all the active process. It's a list[Process]. You can get an iterator to get process from it.

Writing In The End

This is a good way to use more than one cores in Python. It will be faster than use multi-thread. There still other reasons. But this way can make it faster is true if it don't need transport some data.

Last modification:January 27, 2020