Writing At First

I think BeautifulSoup is easy to be used. And I will just say a little things about it.


pip install beautifulsoup4



soup = BeautifulSoup(html) # input a html and its type is string.


soup = BeautifulSoup(open(file))

is OK.

Some APIs

Then soup.prettify() can get a pretty string

Then soup.title can get its title tag.

soup.head can get its head tag.

soup.a can get its a tags.

soup.p can get its p tags.

Both of them are Tag class.

What I use

It is soup.find_all().

find_all( name , attrs , recursive , text , **kwargs )

This function can find all the tags which named what you input.

You can input a string or a function or a regular expression even a boolean.

Then its output is a ResultSet. Then you can use map or for to find what you want.

Because I just use it to find some super-link which is end of ".png" or ".jpg". So it's enough.

 Writing In The End

This is the easiest way to use BeautifulSoup. Maybe next time I will write some others function and its uses.

Last modification:January 27, 2020